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Great dog training services for puppies and adult dogs in and around Cody/Wyoming.

Puppy Training: Get your pup’s education started as soon as you take her home. Positive dog training has the fun trait that even young puppies get immediately happy to work and learn. Our Puppy Starter Packages and classes help you getting her settled in the right way.

Private Training: For the dogs that are 6 months or older, get help by booking Private Dog Training that will address basic training or problem behaviors in one-on-one sessions. You can book a package of private sessions at a minimum of 4 that can be a mix of and private training sessions at our training facility and different locations depending on how well your dog can handle distracting environments.

Group Classes: Our group classes cover Puppy Classes, Basic Manners for adult dogs, advanced group classes, walking groups, fun dog training workshops, and our latest addition is the CGC prep class to get your dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen (AKC title).

Day Training (NEW): Starting December 2022 we will be offering Day-Training. This is a great option if you have limited time to train your dog or simply don’t want to do ALL the work. During day-training, I will work one-on-one with your dog on commands that need work and help to reduce unwanted behaviors. You can purchase a package of sessions that will always include at least one private training session for you so we can make sure that your dog’s training transitions well to you and we can answer any questions that you have.
Every dog learns at a different pace. I will make sure to apply training skills to the best of my knowledge, but cannot , however, guarantee for any definite outcome.

Consulting for (soon to be) parents: Kids and dogs (NEW): Starting in December 2022, I will be offering consulting services for soon to be parents and those with toddlers. How to avoid bites and other worrisome situations. A new baby means a lot of changes for the family, including the 4 legged family members. We have probably all seen cute pictures of dogs and newborns or toddlers on Social Media. But is this intimacy really always a good idea? Can you tell if the dog really feels comfortable in these situations? I will help you to better understand your dog’s body language and teach you how to set things up so everyone can ease into the new family dynamics. Consultation will be in-home or online.

Rescue Dog Discount: We provide help with newly adopted dogs and work on specific problem situations in and outside the home. If you adopted from Park County Animal Shelter or 3 Dog Rescue, you will receive a 20% discount on all our services.

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