Dog training to help you and your dog achieve your training goals

Great dog training services for puppies and adult dogs. Start your puppy’s education as soon as you bring her home. Our Puppy Starter Package helps you getting her settled in the right way. For the adult dogs, get help by booking Private Dog Training that will address problem behaviors in one-on-one sessions. You can book a package of private sessions at a minimum of 4 that can be a mix of in-home visits and private training sessions at different locations depending on how well your dog can handle different environments. We provide help with newly adopted dogs and work on specific problem situations in and outside the home. Our group class cover basic dog training for puppies and adult dogs, advanced group classes and our latest addition is the CGC prep class to get your dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen (AKC title).

photo: Sabine Oexmann Photography

Puppy classes

In this class, your puppy will learn basic commands and work on her social skills around other dogs and people. This is helpful in a lot of every day life situations. We will focus on socialization, a healthy relationship with your dog and work on commands like “sit”, “stay”, “down”. Not only will your dog learn what is expected of her, but also how to be patient and have better self-control. Classes will be held at Cody Country Bed & Biscuit in Cody/Wyoming.

In-home visits/ Private training

Choose from great dog training services for puppies and adult dogs. We offer in-home visits and private training sessions. This way, we get to know your dog in her every day environment, get a chance to point out possible challenges and suggest improvements. These sessions can cover basic manners or help to avoid or solve “problem” behaviors such as greeting visitors, barking, chewing on the wrong items, problems with potty training, running out of the door and others.

Puppy starter package

There‚Äôs no better time to start training than when you first bring your puppy home! No need to wait until all vaccines are finished before you start your puppy’s education. This package includes 2 in-home visits to get your new family member settled in right, and a spot in our popular 6 week Puppy Class where the puppy can work on social skills and learn important basic commands.

Reactivity package

This package focusses on longer commitment, more feedback, more time and support. It is created to help owners who are struggling with dogs that react in unwanted manners when seeing other dogs or people on walks or visiting the home. It will help the handler and the dog to obtain skills that turn these situation to be less stressful and more enjoyable. The package includes 6 private sessions in different locations reducing reactivity and improving better handler focus.

NEW: Board & Train

If your dog needs training but you would rather us do the hard part for you, this program is for you.

Your dog will go through extensive obedience training, will be exposed to new environments and build significant social skills. The program includes: Boarding, training, drop off session to clarify all questions, training equipment such as leash and collar, training treats, weekly video documents and 3 in-home sessions and lifelong phone and email support after the completion of the program.

Let’s get your dog ready to become a well behaved member of the family. Your dog will stay at the Cody Country Bed & Biscuit, will receive extensive obedience training, will be exposed to new environments and build social skills.


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